GCCI encouraging businesses to invest in security


Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) will be hosting a seminar on September 24, 2016 that offers Information Technology security solution for local businesses.


According to GCCI President, Vishnu Doerga crime continues to be a major concern to business.


“We will have various presenters and they will be working on tips and solutions relating to IT security as well as exhibitors in the Crime and Security sector,” Doerga said.


“We are heartened by the statistics that there is a decline in several of the major areas, however, we also from the private sector realize that we have to also invest heavily in our security and therefore we are creating this seminar so that we can declare to the wider business community what the products and services are that exists out there” he added.


This year’s US Overseas Security Advisory Council report states that in Guyana armed robberies occur regularly, especially in businesses and shopping districts mostly in Georgetown.


The local media reported a total of 140 armed robbery incidents in 2015, but it is likely that many incidents go unreported stated the 2016 report.


When it comes to Cyber Security issues, the reports stated that this is not a major concern for Guyana.

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