15-year-old kills man for allegedly raping his sister


There is a call for the relevant agencies to come together and address a peculiar situation which has developed in Port Kaituma involving four children all under the age of 16.


A fifteen-year-old boy was recently remanded to prison for murdering a businessman whom he said was continually raping his nine-year-old sister for more than two years. It is alleged that the young man had beaten the businessman to death, before hanging him by his neck with a rope.


Following the incident which led to the revelation of the entire ordeal, the little girl and two other siblings were placed in the care of the Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO).


According to a representative of the GWMO in Region One, Stephanie Miguel, the 9-year-old girl was forced to live with the now dead man.


“She said that the man hold her down, the man raped her the first time and when the mother come around, she saw that and she lash him up. And after that… They take the child home, (to another camp because they live in camps) they take the child could not have walked so they use the bush medicine to stop the bleeding because the child was bleeding heavy. After that, the child could not have walked” the woman said in a telephone interview with News Room.


She further explained that after the initial incident, “he started to have sex with the child and giving the parents them the goods.”


It was reported also that the man had in the past threatened to kill the little girl’s eldest brother and things got out of hand last week Thursday.


We were told of persons in the area being familiar with the abuse and rape of the girl but failed to communicate their observations to the relevant authorities.


“Well the people in the Back dam there know it because the boy who is 11 years, told me that these people knew this man used to be living home with this girl and because he used to be working and getting a lot of money, he used to be spending it by the shop owner in the back dam so everybody don’t want to report the man” the GWMO representative said.


Given the circumstances, it was noted that the child “didn’t know who to complain to.”


Miguel is now sending the children to school in Central Port Kaituma while the parents who left for the Backdam remain uncontactable. We were told that the father speaks his indigenous language while the mother speaks some amount of English.

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