$25M approved for developmental works in Rose Hall Town


By – Royan Abrams

Following the appointment of the new council, the Mayor and Town Council of Rose Hall Town will soon commence a number of developmental works as it has received the approval to spend $25M on various work programmes within the township.


Although the council had initially requested $50M, half of that was approved to do roads, walkways and improve the garbage situation in Rose Hall , this is according to the town clerk Natasha Munroe.


“More significantly Rose Hall 2016 work programme, hall of it would have been approved and so very shortly we would be starting work in the area in terms of constructing new streets and walkways and things of that nature and there are a lot of other plans in store for the development of the town but for now, this is just the start” she added.


According to the town clerk, presently the Mayor and Town Council of Rose Hall have embarked on several other programmes while awaiting the commencement of the previously mentioned projects.


She said “presently Rose Hall have been going through a lot of developmental aspect in terms of work that we would have undertaken for the short period of time that the new council would have taken office, more particularly we been doing a lot of cleaning as usual, garbage collection would have been enhanced a little more, rates and tax would have been increase, revenue collection would have been upped a little too.”


However, the town clerk also noted that those works also have challenges as persons are not cooperating with the council especially with its tax collection and the garbage situation.


She said “residents are still dumping their garbage indiscriminately throughout the township and the municipality is not fully equipped although we are trying to get to that stage where we are full to capacity but we are working to get it more operationalized and more effective”


Presently the Mayor and Town Coucil of Rose Hall have collaborated with the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club to pull off the annual Town Week Celebration as part of the town’s 46th anniversary. During the celebration a family recreational park will be commissioned in the town.

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