UPDATE; Businessman denies allegations of paying men to torch Gafoors complex


By Leroy Smith

A Georgetown businessman who was fingered in the recent fires at Gafoors Houston, East Bank Demerara (E.C.D) Complex has since denied the allegations made against him.


Following the disclosure by a suspect on Monday morning that he was paid by the businessman (name withheld) to set fire to the building, the News Room visited the man who said that in his 63 years of business, he has never had any contact with Mr. Sattaur Gafoor. He further stated that he had never seen the man except for in the press.


He added that he has no business bringing harm to the influential businessman as they are not in competition and coupled with that, he has no friend, relatives or anyone associated with him working with Gafoors.


The Georgetown businessman said that the claims that he paid arsonists to burn Gafoors premises is “a big joke” as he boldly said that he was willing to give the police a statement in relation to the matter and clear his name.


A suspect whose name was given as Refek Ali on Monday told police officers that himself along with an accomplice was paid $20,000 each by a businessman who owns and operates a dry goods store in Georgetown, to set fire to the building.


He also admitted that he and his accomplice were also responsible for the two previous fires at the complex at the behest of the same businessman.


The News Room learned that in Saturday even there was another attempt to set fire to the Gafoors complex but that failed and the men returned again on Sunday morning resulting in one of them being captured.

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