GuyOil reduces Gasoline by $2.00 per litre, increases kerosene and diesel by $5.00 per litre


The Guyana oil company (GuyOil) on Tuesday afternoon has announced a decrease in prices for Gasoline and an increase in prices for kerosene and gas oil, effective from tomorrow (Wednesday, 2016-10 -19).


The upward adjustment in Kerosene and Gasoil prices by $5.00 per litre respectively, are directly related to increased acquisition cost from source, which is consistent with the current trend of upward movement of fuel prices on the World market, the company said.


It further noted that Guyoil had been absorbing these fluctuations but recent movements have made these adjustments necessary.


Conversely, Guyoil said it is happy to announce a reduction in the price for Gasoline by $2.00 per litre which will not only have a positive impact on individuals who use their vehicles to go to work and conduct business but also on the transportation sector. It ably demonstrates Guyoil’s commitment to act in the interest of all Guyanese and the nation as a whole.

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