EPA causes fire scare in Georgetown


By Leroy Smith
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this afternoon sent thick black smoke into the sky, affecting city residents as the Agency set fire to hundreds of Styrofoam materials at an Incinerator at Princess Street, Georgetown.

The EPA’s activity is not finding favour with citizens who were affected by the confusion caused.

The smoke also sent fire tenders speeding to the scene, since that body was not informed of the operation.

“We got a call that there’s a fire in this part of Georgetown but when we got here, it is the furnace. Incidentally, some Styrofoam boxes were burning and it got out of control, that created such a smoke.

We informed the EPA that once they got such activities, they should inform the authorities as we are the competent authority with regard to dealing with fires” an official from the Guyana Fire Service related.

Efforts from members of the media to secure a comment from the EPA official who was present at the scene were proven futile as she refused to comment.

Asked whether the items were seized from suppliers or distributors following the ban issued on Styrofoam, the official also refused to confirm.

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