Guyana Medical Mission conducted 35 successful surgeries at N.A Hospital


During their one week stay in Guyana, doctors from the Guyana Medical Mission have successfully completed 35 surgeries at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, simultaneously providing technical support to the local doctors and nurses at the institution.

This information was provided to the media during a press conference held at the hospital boardroom in New Amsterdam on earlier today (November 11,2016)

The Guyana Medical Mission group comprised of a team of doctors. It was established in 2005 but started work early 2007 and ever since have been visiting Guyana once per year to conduct medical outreaches and provide much needed technical support as possible.

Heading the mission is Gynecologist and Oncologist, Dr. Patrick Anderson who disclosed that serving the local population always gives the doctors a sense of gratification. He added that their main focus is to compliment the services already being offered at the institution with their specialized team and equipment from overseas.

The Chief Executive Officer of the New Amsterdam Hospital, Collin Bynoe who was present at this morning’s press conference related that he is grateful for the services offered by the mission towards the health institution over the past week.

“I just wish to say that this morning we want to express our thanks to this team because they would have helped us out at the New Amsterdam Hospital tremendously. For the first time at the New Amsterdam Hospital we have had the use of a laparoscope to assist with at least three surgeries and therefore we are grateful for the type of skills that  our doctors have been able to acquire and expose to” he added.
According to the hospital CEO, he is hopeful that the local doctors and nurses will put into practice what they were taught by interacting and working alongside the doctors from the Guyana Medical Mission.

The Guyana Medical Mission which comprised of a team of 24 doctors that specialize in Urogynecology, Gynecology, oncology, Obstetrics and gynecology among others has since completed their mission in Guyana and will be returning home during the weekend.

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