Government still to determine how and who will pay for Kato Secondary remedial works


Students who would have attained a spot at the Kato Secondary School are still without a place of learning  even as Government mulls  how and whom will cover the cost of the much needed remedial works to the multi-million dollar unoccupied structure.

News Room understands that many of these students who are unable to remain in the community have had to continue their education at the Primary Top.

However, despite this, Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman, who hosted this week’s post cabinet media briefing says two senior members of cabinet are in the process of determining who will stand the cost of the remedial works to the building to make it safe for the more than 400 students and teachers who are expected to occupy it.

According to Minister Trotman, concern with the structure goes beyond crumbling walls but also involves the flow of air within it.

He notes that the contractor who did the sub-standard work will not be granted any more contracts by cabinet.

According to the Government information Agency, Three years ago, the PPP/C administration paid $1B to Kares Engineering Incorporated for the construction of the school, but there were several defects and issues with the structure which was deemed unsafe for occupation.

On discovery of the defects, the Minister of Public Infrastructure was mandated by Cabinet to guide a complete review of the project.

This evaluation on the work completed by Kares revealed that only about 10 percent of the school was structurally sound. Approximately 60 percent of the project was defective, with another 30 percent being just over the borderline. It was also revealed that remedial works on the building would cost another $140M.

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