Berbice crimes to be investigated twice following allegations of cover-up- Ramjattan


By Royan Abrams

Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan on Saturday assured the grieving family of the late Faiyaz Narinedat who was murdered at the behest of an overseas-based Guyanese, that justice will be served and those responsible will face the full brunt of the law.

During a visit to the relatives’ home on Saturday, weeks after the incident occurred, the Minister said “I want to say that this decline of a county that use to be most hospitable and generous have really racked me with some of the major crimes that happen over the past couple of years, it’s not like if it’s something recent but somehow people, especially those who think they are powerful and they got money think they could literally buy everybody”.

Minister Ramjattan (centre) and family members
Minister Ramjattan (centre) and family members

Narinedatt was brutally killed and placed on the #70 Public Road on the Corentyne between the nights of October 31,2016 and November 01,2016. The relatives have previously pleaded for the Ministry of Public Security to get involved and thoroughly investigate the murder which was initially ruled out as a hit and run accident by detectives of the Springlands Police Station who are now accused of covering up the matter with instructions from overseas based Guyanese business Marcus Bisram.

The Public Security Minister disclosed that he is pleased that family members of the late Carpenter were the ones who came forward and pushed for a thorough investigation based on their findings and observations.

He added that he has realised from previous investigations that when crimes are committed in Berbice, there will have to be a second eye to investigate the matters and as a result, the Major Crimes Unit will now be sent to investigate all crimes in Berbice when detectives in Berbice would have completed their investigations.

This move was initiated after the family members of the Narinedat and residents of #70 Village told the Public Security Minister about their lack of confidence in some ranks of ‘B’ Division and their unprofessionalism in addressing crimes in the ancient county. Following the meeting Narinedat’s father expressed his appreciation for the support offered by the Minister of Public Security.

Following the meeting Narinedat’s father expressed his appreciation for the support offered by the Minister of Public Security.

Meanwhile, between October 31, 2016, and November 01, 2016, overseas-based Guyanese businessman Marcus Bisram ordered several men to kill 27-year-old Faiyaz Narinedat who had choked and slapped the businessman after he had made sexual advances towards him. So far, six persons including the businessman who was charged in absentia, were charged with the murder and two females were also charged with perverting the course of justice. The women had offered detectives $4M to release the suspects.

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