Mixed reactions to Budget 2017


News Room took to the streets today and spoke with some of the citizens about their views on the 2017 National Budget which was read in the National Assembly. While some citizens stood with the government on the measures announced, others expressed their noticeable displeasure.

Here’s what they had to say;


“I think the budget is ridiculous and Mr. Jordon needs to leave and so the rest who cannot do something for this country and the people of this country. Get out of office and give somebody else a chance, Time up!”

She added that “I think is a rich people budget because the poorer class of people cannot afford it. When you have to pay water bill and light bill and for food and school things for your children, everything is Vatted (is taxed)”



photo-2“Budget is perfect! Anything this government do, I is 100% backing themWe did feeling it for 20 something years, I got four children and all in school and they going to school every day…They have to stop living above their means and want easy life.”




photo-3“I am not too happy about it, especially the tax on water and electricity. Those are two main commodities that are used by the poor and every person. I would have like to see the government a little bit cleaner and more like live up to their word of being accountable and transparent. I like to see the pay of policemen, teachers and nurses; I think they’re getting about $55,000 per month; how can there people subsist on that?, I would really like to see their pay go up”



photo-4“I know some people are not satisfied but you cannot push the government so fast because they just gone in. Let us give them some chance, let us give them some time. Then if we don’t see them acting the way we want them to act, then you know, we shall speak against them. For now, I’m enjoying it what they are doing for the old people; especially me. I am happy so far”




photo5“I went and look for textbooks the other day, one text book is $18,000 and something because my son want go and study law. So you tell me wuh this government doing, this government ain’t doing nothing properly for poor people. Me ain’t stifling my conscience, I’m not living in denial. I being straight; drugs or no drugs, I was seeing a fair break in life”






“When you look at business, it is so competitive now. They’re so many businesses there and if you’re gonna make it impossible for people to survive by adding a lot of VAT and all of that for especially a small business person…I am hoping that what they’re adding, that it is not gonna come down so that the small man gonna suffer. If they can do something for the small man, that will be good, not the one above”



photo-8“Every time you go in the shop, something always raising, even before the budget came out. You ga pay more…and now people ga pay mo pan wata bill, light bill, them thing da”






According to some who opted to comment off the record, they expected more from the National Budget this time around, noting that the government should deliver on its promises.

The economy is projected to grow by 2.6% for 2016.

The government presented a $250B budget on Monday. While there were measures to increase public assistance and reduce taxes for the working class, there were no wages and salary increases as the government noted that it has granted an almost 40% increase in less than 8 months for public servants.

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