Chinese Restaurant owner in custody for beating dog food vendor


A 33-year-old restaurateur of Main and Chapel Streets, New Amsterdam, Berbice is in police custody after he allegedly beat a dog food vendor a piece of 2×4 wood on Tuesday.

The victim, Osarin Stuart of Fort Ordnance Housing Scheme, East Canje, Berbice was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital in a serious condition.

Investigations have so far revealed that Stuart and the suspect had an altercation about 18:45hrs. on Tuesday, over the victim selling dog food in front of the suspect’s Chinese Restaurant. As a result, the victim armed himself with a piece of wood but subsequently dropped it and was in the process of walking away, when the suspect allegedly picked up the said wood and dealt the victim several lashes to his head and left leg.

The victim was taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was treated and later transferred to the GPHC.

Investigation in progress.

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