Budget Debate: Parliamentary Opposition urges government to withdraw budget 2017


The National Assembly started the debate of the 2017 national budget with the government side presenting their position as to why the budget is perfect even with opposition’s lack of support.

The Speaker of the National Assembly told parliamentarians that this time around no one will be granted extra time outside of the allotted 20 minutes for backbenchers and 30 minutes for all ministers and shadow ministers as the debates commence.

The first set of opposition speakers who took to the floor all shared the similar views that government should withdraw the 2017 budget and work together with the opposition to craft another.

Former Minister of Housing and Water and PPP/C MP, Irfaan Ali said based on his observation and analysis, “the 2017 National Budget lacks practical measures to green and diversify the economy. In fact, there are no measures to grow new sectors.”

Business Minister Dominic Gaskin led the way for the government’s position on the proposed 2017 budget saying that all that is outlined is aimed at correcting what was previously inherited by the last administration.

“It is the great confidence that I would wish to communicate to the business community, the expectation of improved growth in 2017. Based on projections, the targeted 3.8% growth rate demands confidence in our economy on all levels and we should avoid the temptation to talk ourselves out of the good life. Budget 2017 depicts a good life for all Guyanese” Gaskin said.

The Minister’s position was also supported by Region Four Member of Parliament Michael Carrington.

According to the speaker of the national assembly, the daily debates will end only when the 16th speaker would have completed their presentation after a 10am start.

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