Mayor and Deputy of the Linden Mayor and Town Council elected to office


Councillors of the Municipality of the Linden Mayor and Town Council have once again elected Carwyn Holland as Mayor of Linden following an early morning elections on Thursday.

After casting their secret ballots, the majority of the Councillors throw their support behind Holland to once more serve as the Mayor.

An excited and relieved Holland in a Facebook video said he is pleased to be elected back into office.

“I am very thankful…I want to thank you for your support and I know that god is in the midst of it all. I don’t work on my own, I rely and depend on god for everything and I am thankful to god today for victory” the Mayor said.

Six Councillors would have voted in support of Holland while two others were against him returning as the Mayor.

Councillor Lennox Gasper who for months has been vocal about the Mayor’s leadership style and matters concerning the town council might have voted against the Mayor. He has reportedly made it public that Holland would not have gotten his vote.

Meanwhile, Wanika Arrindel will also remain as the Deputy Mayor of Linden after his position was only challenged by one councillor.

According to the Chapter 28:01 of the Municipal and District Councils Act, the term of office of the Mayor and that of the Deputy Mayor shall be one year, commencing on the first day of the month following upon their election.

Similar elections will be held through the country in other towns, with the Georgetown Municipality set to have their elections come next week Thursday.

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