2016 saw 16% decrease in serious crimes- GPF


(GUYANA POLICE FORCE) The Guyana Police Force has recorded a 16% decrease in serious crimes at the end of December last year, relative to the same period the previous year.

There was a 6% in reports of murder, with a of 64% clear up rate; a 7% decrease in gun related robberies with a 16% clear up rate; a 19% decrease in armed robberies where other instruments were used with a clear up rate of 24%; a 19% decrease in robberies where violence was used with a 31% clear up rate; a 7% decrease in robbery with aggravation with a 35% clear up rate; Robberies where no guns or other instruments were used decreased by 9% with a 7% clear up rate. Additionally there was a 27% decrease in larceny from the person with a 25% clear up rate; 21% decrease in rape with a 34% clear up rate; a 15% decrease in burglary with a 17% clear up rate and a 19% decrease in break and enter and larceny with a 20% clear up rate.

One hundred and nine (109) illegal firearms were taken off the streets for 2016, compared to one hundred and fifteen (115) for 2015. A break down for the two years is as follows:-

2015       Pistols – 60, Revolvers-30, Shotguns-15; and Rifles -8, Pen Gun-1, Sub Machine – Nil

2016       Pistols-49, Revolvers-32, Shotguns- 26; and Rifles -2, Pen Gun-Nil, Sub Machine-1


Comparative figures of murder committed for 2015/2016 are as follow:

2015   –    Execution-9, Robbery-24, Domestic-17, Disorderly -64, Unknown -33 Others-2

2016   –    Execution-12, Robbery-26, Domestic-20, Disorderly -54, Unknown-28, Others-Nil

The police are increasingly gaining the public’s trust, resulting in a higher level of information sharing and solving and prevention of serious crimes, inclusive of murder. This is due to the numerous community engagements by Divisional Commanders and their Sub-Divisional Officers as well as Branch Commanders and their teams.

Exposure to training both locally and internationally continues to be a top priority at all levels of the Force. Last year one hundred and eight (108) ranks, inclusive of forty Officers attended courses in over 19 foreign countries, inclusive of India, USA, Russia, Italy and China.

Topics covered included:

  1. IT in Law Enforcement
  2. Advance Fingerprint Science.
  3. Human Trafficking
  4. Public Corruption
  5. Mediation Technique
  6. Illicit Financial Flows and Money Laundering.

The Guyana Police Force wishes to laud the efforts made by members of the Cops and Faith Community Network which was launched in September of 2014. They have made thus far, three hundred and forty-three (343) Interventions of juveniles and young persons who were first offenders of minor offences, of which 211 were males and 132 were females. In all the cases the youths were counselled by the religious leaders and following the involvement of parents/ guardians, and the victims where necessary, the majority of them were warned and sent away.

The Body has also made significant input as it relates to the supervision of the learner/Drivers Theoretical and practical examinations country-wide and also the marking of the aforesaid examinations as well as their involvement in the counseling of victims of attempt suicide, police ranks who had traumatic experiences, and victims/relatives of senior crimes including murder, armed robbery, rape and fatal accidents.

In respect of Traffic Management, there was a 10.3% increase in fatal accidents. One hundred and twenty-eight (128) fatalities were recorded at the end of December, compared to one hundred and twenty-six (126) for 2015. Serious and minor accidents decreased by 9% and 3% respectively but damage accidents increased by 15%.


Enforcement is continuous countrywide with special emphasis on driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding and use of cellular phones.


The categories of road users killed during 2016 are as follows:


Pedestrian                               38

Motor cyclist                           23

Drivers                                                19

Pedal cyclist                            16

Occupant in car                       14

Passenger in mini bus              10

Pillion Rider                            05

Occupant in Lorries/Van         03


Categories of vehicles involved in fatal accidents for 2016 as follows:


Private Cars                             78

Motor Cycles                          32

Motor Lorries                          20

Mini Buses                              18

Pedal Cycles                           16

Hire Cars                                 14

Motor Pickup                          06

Motor Jeep                              01


A total of 70, 609 persons were charged with various traffic offences for 2016 as follows:


Speeding                                                                                          26,266

Breach of condition of road service licence/music                          4,665

Driving under the influence of alcohol                                            3,317

Using cell phone while driving                                                        1,623

Breach of Traffic Light Signal                                                         1,627

Tinted Motor vehicles                                                                      1,435

Unlicensed Driver                                                                            1,701

Failure to wear seat belt                                                                   2,806

Dangerous Driving                                                                           1,440

Careless Driving                                                                              1,496

Fail to Wear Safety Helmet                                                             1,317

Overload Minibus                                                                            4,111

Obstruction                                                                                      2,381

Fail to Confirm to Sign                                                                    3,301

Crossing Double Yellow Line                                                         1,966

Other Offences Totalling                                                                  11,157



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