Some 175 officers participating at two and a half day Annual Police Officers’ Conference


The issues of crime, traffic, social crime prevention programs and the intelligence of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) are some of the front burner issues being discussed at the Annual Police Officers’ Conference.

It was during his last address at the Annual Police Officers’ Conference, Commissioner Seelall Persaud revealed ways the force will be improving its image and services this year.

“Our plans for 2017 includes the continuation of capacity building in every department and the strengthening of our public relations department, introducing team policing approach at police stations and to fuse special branch and crime intelligence,” Persaud said.

During the conference, some 175 officers from across the country will deliberate on revising current and crafting new strategies to advance the role and functions of the force says Assistant Commissioner of Police (Administration), David Ramnarine.

Ramnarine said, “18 presentations will be made is from senior officers who are heads of departments and 5 for key stakeholders who we consider to be somewhat external.” Among the stakeholders is the Private Sector as Ramnarine noted that “Private Sector Commission as in my own language has been quite concerned if not vocal in many of the affairs of the force and how it discharge its mandate to the citizens of this country.”’

Meanwhile, Prime Minster and Acting President, Moses Nagamootoo commended the Guyana Police Force for the efforts made to tackle crime within the country while respecting the country’s laws.

“As the law enforcement arm of the executive you need to know and respect the tenants of democracy such as the separation of powers that guide the executive in the relations with the legislation and the judiciary, we are all better together” the Prime Minister urged.

The Police Officers’ Annual Conference is being held under the theme, “forging ahead with professionalism and intelligence led policing in collaboration with stakeholders”. On Saturday (January 28, 2017) evening, the conference will end.

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