Parking Meter project “a wait and see”- Government


Despite the empty Parking Spaces and public outcry regarding the Parking Meter System implemented in the City, Natural Resources Minister, Raphael Trotman today at a post-cabinet press conference said it would be irresponsible for Government to intervene.

Trotman told media operatives “I believe that cabinet will continue to observe but will only intervene if it is imperative to do so. In so far as more consultations are concerned I would say…consultations are never enough in the sense that there is always going to be an interest group that feels it has been omitted  but the idea of Parking meters has been a live one for many months and I believe we would have to await to see how it would be implemented.”

Raphael Trotman- Minister of Natural Resources

Minister Trotman said the visual of empty streets in the Capital says a lot and he believes that the voice of the people ought not to be ignored and “time will tell.” Trotman said too that the M&CC is a democratically elected body that would make decisions that would be in the best interest of not only the entity but the public, but it is not Government’s intention to intervene in the affairs of Local Government Organs and influence them.

“Central Government would intervene or seek to broker compromises in situations where we believe it is imperative. For now we prefer to observe and see how the response unfolds,” he clarified.

Trotman said as time progresses Government would need to hear from the Private Sector, Business entities and a number of voices before intervention is “even considered.”

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