Double whammy; VAT on Parking Meter fee and geo-cards


Since its introduction, the Parking Meter System has been a cause for concern for Guyanese, given the added cost it brings, but apart from that the Opposition Chief Whip today informed the National Assembly that Value Added Tax (VAT) is being applied on the parking meter fee, as well as the geo-cards.

Gail Teixeira pointed to the fact that customers were not told initially that VAT would be charged on these services, noting that they were told that the parking meter fee is $200 per hour, but with the inclusion of VAT it will be higher.

This point was raised as the Chief Whip called for a repeal of the order which will see several items being moved from the Zero-Rated List to exempt, which will see the application of the Value Added Tax, effective February 1, 2017.

The order to have these items removed was signed by Minister of Finance Winston Jordan on December 19, 2016.



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