DPP recommends charge for man who assaulted senior News Room journalist


Marvin Massiah will tomorrow (Thursday, February 2, 2017) will appear in the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court 8 and 9 charged with the November 8, 2016 assault on New Room’s Senior Crime and Security Journalist Leroy Smith.

The Director of Public Prosecution earlier this week gave the recommendation to the police, who have been investigating the matter since the report was made back in November.

Massiah is employed by Yokohoma Auto Sales located in Kingston, Georgetown.

On the day in Question, Smith was standing on a Government reserve across the road from the auto sales office, taking video footage. Massiah who showed up shortly after in a vehicle approached Smith and demanded that he stopped filming the building since it ‘was against the law.’ Smith contested this citing the Constitution.

When the auto sale worker realized that his request was without basis, he proceeded to use a paper to block the journalist’s camera from taking the video footage. He is also accused of slapping the hand of Smith during the process.

The police was immediately summoned and arrived promptly to the scene. Both men were invited to the Brickdam Police Station where statements were taken.



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