UPDATE: Escaped Camp Street prisoner was unsupervised


  By Leroy Smith

Sources close to the operations of the Guyana Prison Service moments ago told the News Room that an investigation is underway into the circumstances leading up to the escape and subsequent recapturing of an inmate earlier today (Sunday, February 12, 2017).

The Senior Prison official indicated that based on initial evidence which is available to the prison authority, there was a breakdown in procedures which caused the prisoner to be able to scale the fence and experience a short-lived freedom.

27-year-old Ruco McIntyre was remanded to prison on December 21, 2016, for larceny of a mobile phone. His next court date is this week, Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

According to the details which the News Room has been able to receive, the inmate was escorted from his holding cell to attend the weekly Sunday morning church service in the compound of Camp Street. However, following the church service, he was left unattended in the yard and used that opportunity to make the dash for freedom. He was subsequently recaptured.

The News Room was told that during an interview with prison authorities subsequent to being recaptured, McIntyre showed signs of mental illness.

The security cameras which cover the perimeter of the facility was reviewed and this confirmed the information related above.

Statements would have already been taken from several persons including those tasked with monitoring the security cameras at the facility.

At the moment, no one is in any “hot water” but upon the conclusion of the preliminary report, a determination would be made on who should be dealt with, for possible neglect of duty.

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