Give blood, give life- MTV organizes blood drive


By Stacy Carmichael-James

Responding to the need for blood, the Management of MTV Channel 65 today organized a blood drive which was held at its Charlotte Street, Georgetown office.

As more corporate entities continue to support the call for more blood in the country’s blood bank, organizer of the event, Godfrey Brooms said MTV is planning similar ventures for throughout the year; however, a date has not been decided for the next event.

Brooms said the need for blood cannot be overstated since there is always the need for it. “We thought it best to give the opportunity for the public to give blood, as I said before blood is never enough, ” Brooms said.

Godfrey Brooms- Organizer of Blood Drive

As per norm donors were subjected to a mini health check of blood pressure testing, blood count analysis and were asked a series of questions to determine their suitability for donating blood.

Some persons were unable to donate due to a low blood count or high or low-pressure issues but they were given the necessary advice to improve their health. Others were referred to clinics for further treatment.

Donated blood when it is returned to the Blood bank goes through some four and a half hours of intense screening since they look for eight infectious markers.

According to health experts donating blood ensures that the iron stores in the body are maintained at healthy levels and is beneficial in reducing the risk of heart and liver ailments caused by iron overload in the body.

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