BREAKING NEWS: Police detained after smuggling AK-47 out of Eve Leary


By Leroy Smith

A police corporal whose name was given only as “Marks” and is attached to the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) was immediately taken into the custody by his colleagues after he reportedly facilitated the smuggling of an AK-47 assault rifle out of the Force Headquarters at Eve Leary.

The News Room has been informed that several breaches occurred including the breakdown of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that saw a vehicle entering the Guyana Police Force compound without being searched.

The vehicle was reportedly driven into the compound on Tuesday evening (February 28, 2017) and remained in the compound overnight. However this morning, the vehicle attempted to leave the compound and a search was carried out on it during which the AK-47 assault rifle was discovered.

After the vehicle entered the compound, ranks from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and those from the Intelligence Unit of the force placed someone on the look out, who monitored the vehicle throughout the night.

In addition to the police corporal who was placed under close arrest, a civilian has also been detained by detectives and they are both being questioned by ranks from the CID.

Additionally, the guard who worked last evening, as well as the guard commander and others are being questioned by detectives.

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