Thief injures thief in shooting incident


On Tuesday night, two men got into an argument, leading to one shooting the other at East Ruimveldt. What is, however, interesting is that both of them are known to the police, having been involved in robberies before.

The News Room was informed that the two who are from different parts of the city are involved in an ongoing feud which police sources said, have seen them gunning for each other of late.

On Tuesday (February 28, 2017) following the shooting incident, the injured man made a report to the police and also sought medical attention. During this time he told the police that he is not familiar with his attacker which was later found to be a lie.

The News Room was told by someone close to the investigation that detectives are of the view that the man made the claim that he is unaware of who his attacker is so that he can at some point seek revenge for his shooting.

It is the ranks’ belief that the victim chose to lie in order to get back at his assailant at a later date. Source close to the investigation says if something happens to the assailant at some point, the current victim is laying the groundwork to not be considered a suspect by going on record as claiming ignorance of who shot him.

The police are continuing their investigation into that shooting incident.

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