President calls on Guyanese diaspora in Bahamas to invest in tourism and education here


President David Granger who is on a state visit to Bahamas, last evening, engaged the Guyanese diaspora, urging them to invest in their country of birth, particularly in the areas of ‘green’ tourism, education and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

At a reception held in honour of his visit by the Guyana Bahamas Association, told the gathering “you can set up tourist companies, help to invest in Guyana, help to develop information technology in Guyana to teach our children to move quickly into the 21st century of education, to develop infrastructure so that we can be able to access some of these areas where we have our tourism potential and product, we need roads and highways and bridges and what we call ‘Stellings’.”

The President promised to ensure that Guyana becomes a thriving hub in the Caribbean region and a place where a good life is provided for every citizen, one similar to that enjoyed by other Caribbean nationals. He promised that Guyana will be a better place for the entire Caribbean.

In this regard, the President thanked the Guyana- Bahamas Association for its support to the ‘Boats, Buses, Bicycles plus Books and Breakfast’ (Five B’s) Programme, which is aimed at removing the barriers to the access to education.

President Granger receives a portrait of himself from Bahamian artist, Jamaal Rolle


The President, who is in The Bahamas, for what he described as an economic mission, said that with the anticipated developments in Guyana, Government is looking to strengthen its investment potential and to establish trade and commerce in areas outside of the traditional gold, diamond, sugar, timber and bauxite industries.

“Bahamas is one of the highest per capita countries in the Caribbean community and we are here to learn how you did that because we feel that the resources we have in Guyana, although they have served us well for the last century; some of the countries don’t have these resources but they have come out to be richer than Guyana,” he said.

The Guyana Bahamas Association was established in Nassau on March 30th 1996.

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