UPDATE; Body of Unidentified male found in Woolford Avenue trench


The lifeless body of a man was today discovered in a trench on Woolford Avenue, Georgetown.

The body was first noticed by Kelona Carmichael, an employee of the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training on Woolford Avenue. Carmichael said she was about to park her car when she glanced into the trench and noticed an “unfamiliar object” in the water.

“So I was going to park here this morning as I am now working with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education Training and I noticed there was a body in the trench. So, I came from the car reported it to the security guard,” she told News Room.

According to the woman, her discovery was made approximately 10:15 hours on Tuesday (March 21, 2017) morning.

The woman said “at first I was thinking I watch a little too much Criminal Investigation shows. I wasn’t sure if it was real, it looked folded, but then it look like cloth, and then I looked closer, and I saw it was a body so I just kinda left there as soon as possible.”

After an alarm was raised about the presence of the body in the trench, it did not take long for curious onlookers to gather at the scene, hoping to get a glimpse of the dead man.

When the Criminal Investigations Department (C.I.D) arrived at the location, a section of the area was cordoned off as they pulled the body and proceeded to conduct an examination.

There were no visible marks of violence. The man had in his possession $100 and an empty soda bottle.

Another eyewitness told News Room that the man does not reside in the area, but is usually seen walking on Woolford Avenue.

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