Nandlall maintains AG threatened High Court Judge


Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall is standing by his claims that Attorney General, Basil Williams threatened the life of a High Court Judge, during his cross-examination of a witness on Thursday.

Though Williams on Friday (March 24, 2017) defended the allegations and said he was misinterpreted, Nandlall on Saturday (March 25, 2017) told media operatives that this is not the first time that reports of improper conduct are being made against the sitting AG.

“After nearly three hours of futile and ineffective cross-examination which yielded no answer supportive of his case, Mr. Williams started to get agitated and accused the Judge of not accurately recording an answer from the witness. The Judge took umbrage to the accusation and an angry Williams in a loud tone of voice repeated the accusations. The Judge again admonished him about the accusation and his tone of voice, Williams then blurted out loudly, “I will speak how I want and say what I want anywhere I want… furthermore, the last Magistrate who did that to me was later found dead… and I am saying so… that the last Magistrate who did this to me was found dead,” Nandlall related.

According to him, this left the Judge in shock then walked off the bench, without adjourning the matter.

On Friday, Williams in an invited comment to the media, however, said Justice Holder had indicated his intention to take the adjournment, but Williams continued to ask his final question to the witness who responded in the negative. The sitting AG said upon noticing that the Judge was stepping off of the bench, he then asked if the answer was recorded to which Justice Holder misinterpreted his question.

The Attorney General said he began outlining a case from years ago where he was being misinterpreted; something which led him to ensure that whatever he say to the courts, is very clear. It was at the end of this conversation that he added “he is dead now” referring to a past Magistrate and not to threaten anyone.

Williams also threatened to take Nandlall and two media houses; GuyanaTimes and Kaieteur News to the Court concerning the matter.

Nandlall on Saturday said “I note, that the AG is threatening to go to Court. I challenge him to do so. I have no doubt that I will be vindicated.”

The incident occurred during the cross-examination of Carvil Duncan’s Confidential Secretary, Diana Persaud. Duncan filed a legal challenge against the attempt to remove him as Chairman of the Public Service Commission, a member of the Police Service Commission and a member of the Judicial Service Commission.

In the courtroom at the time of the incident were two State Counsel of the AG’s Chambers, Carvil Duncan, Duncan’s Confidential Secretary, Diana Persaud, Attorney-at-Law, Rajendra Jaigobin, members of the press, two Marshalls of the High Court and Nandlall’s Personal Assistant, Shivun Hutson among others.

Nandlall appeared at Saturday’s Press Conference accompanied by Mr. Carvil Duncan and Attorney-at-law, Mr. Rajendra Jaigobin.

He is also calling on the President to launch an investigation into these allegations as he expressed hope that the Honourable Judge will report the matter.

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