Vieira looking to win with Sun Burst kart


By Avenash Ramzan

Sporting a brightly coloured kart with #27 prominently displayed on the front, Stephen Vieira is looking for nothing less than victories at the Georgetown Grand Prix on Friday. The former Caribbean Superbike champion will once again be competing in the Four-stroke Light category using his yellow and orange Sun Burst Juices branded kart.

“I’m going out to win and be very competitive. It will be a very, very competitive race in the Four-stroke class,” Vieira told News Room Sport. He pointed to some of the competitors who could pose a challenge on race day.

“Yes, Ravi Singh from Trinidad, he’s coming back, so he will be the man to attack. I also heard Mark Vieira is coming into the class so that will be more excitement, and there are a couple of other guys who are doing well and coming to gun for me. So it will be an exciting Four-stroke class, and I’m telling the folks to come out and watch the race and enjoy it.” 

Although Vieira emerged as champion driver of the Four-Stroke Light class at the last Grand Prix, he was given a good tussle by Trinidadian Ravi Singh. He is once again looking forward to the head-to-head clash.

“I learnt a lot from it, as I now start doing this Four-stroke class. I’m learning a lot every day and I’m getting better so I think I will be much more competitive (this time). My Four-stroke class will be hot because they have some top drivers coming into it more, so it will be exciting,” Vieira pointed out.

Engines will start at 18:00h, and among the categories to be contested are the 60cc, 125cc Junior, 125cc Senior, 4-Stroke Light, 4-Stroke Heavy, Shifter karts and the Easy Cup Rookies.

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