Businessman, employee arrested after man’s body found in shallow grave


By Leroy Smith                                                                  

The body of Kevin (only name given) also called “Finetime” was found in a shallow grave on Easter Monday (April 17, 2017).

The News Room has been told that the man’s body was stumbled upon by a resident who was flying his kite in the 3 Miles area at Karrau Backdam, Mazaruni.

It was communicated to the News Room on Wednesday morning, (April 19, 2017), that the discovery was made by Samuel Williams who hails from the East Bank of Demerara. Williams subsequently made a report to the police.

The shallow grave which was less than two feet in depth contained the partly decomposed remains of the victim. The body was clad in long pants and a jersey. The police also discovered that he had a gaping wound to the skull.

The discovery led to the arrest of Claimont Joseph, 51- year- old of 4th Avenue, Bartica and his employee, Dellon Daniels, a 20-year-old.

Police information indicates that Claimont operates a mining camp in the said area where the remains were found, and on April 07, 2017, the victim left with the two men to wash down gold, before going for “a drink.”

Under the influence, it is alleged that the businessman accused the now deceased of stealing some of the gold resulting in an altercation.

Daniels told the police that he left the two men arguing and went back to their camp. He added that while heading there, he was attacked by the now dead man. However, he told the police that he did not retaliate.

He later informed them that during the said night when the now deceased, “Finetime” returned to the camp, he occupied a hammock. It was then that the 51-year-old man took a cutlass from the kitchen and dealt the victim several chops, causing him to fall out of the hammock.

Dellon stated that he decided ti retire to bed and when he woke up the next morning, he did not see the now deceased, but what he observed was that the 51-year- old was packing his items and proceeding to leave the camp.

Dellon who did not report the matter to the police, as well as the 51-year-old man, are now in police custody.

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