Woman fearful for safety following alleged police abuse


A New Amsterdam woman is worried about her safety following a physical altercation between herself and a “bad boy” police from Region #6.

Ronessa Hinds claimed she was beaten and stripped of her clothing at a party last Sunday (April 30, 2017), after she refused the request of a police officer who asked for a dance.

Hinds now fears that although the matter is engaging police investigators, there may be efforts to sweep it under the carpet in a coordinated cover-up.

Police Officer who allegedly abused Hinds

The 23-year-old said she was attending a Bar-B-Que in Stanleytown on April 30th when she was approached by a police she identified as Clarke. “I don’t know him from nowhere… we never spoke but I see him around a few times,” she related.

“He asked me for a dance and I refused but he kept insisting. He asked me like three times and I refused,” Hinds added.

She related to the News Room that the police officer began verbally abusing her in the presence of her friends.

“After I said no, he walked up to me and said you’re a *beep* ass and we start to argue but that die down.”

Hinds said moments later when she went to the washroom she was approached again by Clarke, who this time began punching her in the face.

“He touched me on my shoulder and when I turn around he just started cuffing me and stripping me and beating me,” the terrified woman related.

She said after persons intervened and brought an end to the incident, she immediately went to the hospital and the police station where she again saw Clarke.

“I don’t know what he told the police but he was there and a woman was asking him if he is not supposed to be on duty and he left.”

Hinds said since Sunday, several calls were placed to her phone by Clarke and his friends and relatives, asking that she “drops the story.”

She said Clarke even promised to pay her a large sum of money and when she refused.

“He plead with me and now telling me how he sorry and don’t want to lose his job and how he was under the influence of alcohol,” she said.

Hinds said she is fearful that the police rank may use his influence to intimidate her and further cause her physical harm.

UPDATE: Hinds contacted the News Room on Tuesday afternoon and noted that she made another visit to the Police Station and the matter was transferred to the Police Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). Given, this recent development, she feels satisfied that justice will be served.

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