Imported vehicles with used tyres to attract fines effective June 1


Georgetown, May 24, 2017, Guyana Revenue Authority: The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) hereby informs vehicle importers and the general public that effective June 1, 2017, persons importing vehicles with used tyres including the spare, which do not conform to the stipulated standards set out following the recently amended Laws will be required to pay fines for each tyre not in conformity.

The category of motor vehicles for which the used tyres are restricted includes motor cars, vans, sport utility vehicles, pick-ups, buses and other similar vehicles. The restriction excludes heavy-duty vehicles including trucks, lorries, vehicles used in the agricultural and industrial sector and special purpose vehicles.

The restriction on used tyres became effective on April 1, last. However, it has been observed that vehicles are still being imported with used tyres. The standard set for used tyres to be allowed (once they are imported with the vehicle) is no less than 6mm in measurement.

This standard was set and is being monitored by GRA in conjunction with the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS). However, when tyres are imported separately, only brand new tyres shall be allowed into the country. This measure also became effective April 1 in accordance with the amended Law.

Importers of used tyres on vehicles not in conformity with the 6 mm and over standard will be fined as follows for each tyre:

Motor cars $10,000
Vans $10,000
Mini-buses $10,000
SUV $15,000
Pickup $15,000

It must be noted that importers of vehicles not in conformity will be required to pay the fines per tyre prior to the vehicles being released by Customs.

GRA wishes to remind the public as well that the Customs duty charged on new tyres was reduced from 30 to 15 percent effective February 1, 2017.

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