Residents of Mahdia affected by flooding -CDC ready to respond


Chairman of Potaro-Siparuni (Region Eight), Mr. Bonaventure Fredericks, today (Friday, June 09, 2017) said that the community of Mahdia is gradually returning to normalcy as the flood waters, which was as a result of the overtopping of rivers in the area, have begun to recede.

The accumulated water is attributed to overnight downpour, causing the Mahdia Creek to overflow and settle on the surface. This in addition to mining pits pouring into creeks.

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) continues to monitor the region and is on high alert to respond and lend assistance where necessary.

Mr. Fredericks, in an invited comment, said that while six houses were affected by the flooding, as well as the major road networks to the airstrip, the water has receded to normal levels and an assessment is now being conducted to determine the extent of the damages.  However, he noted that the region has already begun to respond and there is no immediate need at this time for a response from the CDC.

As it relates to the roads, the Chairman said that a contractor who was in the area doing infrastructural works has been able to respond and make repairs where needed. Providing that it does not rain this evening, Mr. Fredericks said that he does not foresee any problems in the community returning to full normalcy.

At a Post Cabinet media briefing on Friday, (June 09, 2017) Minister of State, Joseph Harmon said “the Civil Defence Commission has actually pre-positioned supplies from the CDC in some of these areas; Mahdia being one, Orinduik the other one, and so that anything which occurs within that area that needs heavy lifting, that there is what we call pre-dumping, or a forward logistic base established in these areas and the initial response can occur.”

Director General of the CDC, Colonel (retired) Chabilall Ramsarup said that the CDC is in contact with officials in the region and will continue its monitoring activities so that it can respond forthwith, should the need arise.

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