‘Do It Yourself’ site launched to help small businesses


A Guyanese Tech Entrepreneur is working to provide a simple avenue for small businesses to showcase their products on the internet and to a wider group of persons. It also presents an opportunity for youths to build websites.

sites.gy is creating a platform for entrepreneurs to build their own websites free of cost.

Miguel Gurchuran

During a simple launch at the Java Coffee on Durban St, Georgetown, last evening (Wednesday, June 21, 2017), Miguel Gurchuran, a local businessman highlighted that it is “an easy to use” site.

The aim of the product is to allow designers and other small business owners to display products and services to potential customers “in just a few clicks.”

Gurcharan outlined that “Site is basically a platform for someone to build a website on. It does not involve coding; it’s a drag and drop builder that they call it. For ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) website builders, it is an easy way for- anybody who has ever used PowerPoint can use it- drag and drop pictures, change text, change font and that’s it, you click one button ‘Publish’ and it’s live on the internet.”

Mr. Gurchuran is a network administrator for seventeen years, and the owner of also EMTEC, a print, marketing and automated for business solutions provider, Java Coffee Bar, and other smaller ventures.

Lyndell Danzie-Black

Also partnering to make the project a success is Lyndell Danzie-Black, a Business Management Consultant and Managing Director of Cerulean Incorporated. Having had contact with many entrepreneurs, she noted that one of the common concerns raised is having the “know how” to market their products.

“Most of my clients who come to me talk to me about trying to get their products out there. I can say let’s do some trade shows and such but…the answer is in our hands right now- most of us have this (indicated a phone) in our hands or a screen that we constantly at,” she pointed out to the gathering on Wednesday evening.

Evie Kanhai-Gurchuran

Marketing and Sales representative, Evie Kanhai-Gurchuran is urging persons to take up the opportunity. She disclosed that while the website is free, persons will have to purchase their domain. She further advised that .gy be chosen.

The partners promised that “any content you’ll add will automatically adjust itself to any device: Laptops, Tablets, Mobile-phones & even Google Glass and smart-watches.”

The entrepreneurs will next move to launch an app builder and a market place much like Amazon.com.

There are several events planned to coincide with the launch sites.gy.  An open information and demonstration forum at Cerulean Incorporated’s training room, and free online webinars and tutorials. Young people from various parts of Guyana will be selected to undergo training as ‘webtrepreneurs’, and then be marketed as Sites certified designers. Information on dates and times for these events can be found on the company’s website sites.gy or Facebook page fb.me/sites.gy

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