Jonas Bridal House: Taking Event planning to the next level


Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or just a business social, everyone wants their event to have the best style and to be infused with a striking sense of coordination.

With a clear understanding of the importance and role of design and event planning,  Jonas Bridal House (JBH) is on a mission to bring only the best in this regard to the Guyanese market. The relatively young company is located at High Street, Werk – en-Rust, Georgetown in the yellow building behind the Ashmins Mall Parking Lot.

The establishment is fuelled by the hard work and dedication of Journalist Kurt Patrick Campbell and his best friend Cort Jonas.

Kurt Patrick Campbell and his best friend Cort Jonas

In an interview with the News Room, Campbell, a former student of President’s College and the University of Guyana revealed that the business was conceptualized by Jonas.

Campbell explained that the name of the company was formed to showcase Cort’s ancestry while encompassing what the business was about; hence the use of the words ‘Jonas Bridal House’.

The freelance journalist said, “A person seeing those words would understand that it is associated with the Jonas’ while offering bridal and event planning services, under one roof.”

While the establishment enjoys much popularity for its high quality of service, Campbell did note that the initial stages of getting the business up and running were not exactly smooth.

In this regard, the lover of design and event planning said that one major challenge was securing professional services and quality items locally for the business.

He said that this led to the sourcing of merchandise from abroad, revealing a next challenge of having to deal with burdensome taxes and a corrupt system. Campbell said that another hurdle was actually finding an affordable spot to rent for a start-up business that was yet to begin making a profit.  But these challenges did not deter the young entrepreneurs from forging ahead with their dream business. In fact, they have managed to be stronger and more versatile because of it.

With respect to business development in Guyana, Campbell believes that there are a number of challenges facing young entrepreneurs.

He asserted, “There definitely needs to be more support for young entrepreneurs like myself not only from the government but other financial institutions. A young person must not find it that hard to secure funding and investment for an idea that could, in turn, develop a country, raise standards and provide employment for others.”

Furthermore, Campbell believes that the hallmark of Jonas Bridal House is its love for pleasing customers while understanding their needs and satisfying those to perfection. In fact, Campbell believes that the company’s level of customer service is unmatched.

He added, “We pay attention to details and offer our clients high-end event designs at an affordable cost.”

Under the guidance of Campbell and Creative Director, Cort Jonas, JBH continues to offer Guyanese unparalleled designs and expertise for all their events and bridal needs.

Campbell believes that the key to Jonas Bridal House’s success is being able to understand and translate a client’s style, ideas and vision into something incredible and which exceeds their expectation and imagination.

He said, “We pride ourselves in offering that truly wonderful experience every bride should receive on her special day. Jonas Bridal House also offers full event rentals and provides party supplies and planning services for weddings and other events.”

As it relates to the future of the business, Campbell noted that there are plans to not only expand to other regions in Guyana but also begin executing destination events and if possible, have locations in other Caribbean countries.

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