GWI providing assistance to flood affected residents in Region 9



Tuesday, July 04, 2017- Georgetown, Guyana:GWI has mobilized efforts to provide potable water to affected residents and the general public in light of the flood situation in the South Rupununi and other parts of Region 9. These response efforts have been put into operation via the setting up of water distribution access points. These will be established at the Tabatinga Pump Station & New Culvert City Pump station.

Additionally, we will be monitoring the quality of water distributed to residents.Water quality testing will be done at each pump station and at strategic points in the distribution network. Testing of private wells will also be facilitated upon request.

As the national water utility company, GWIwill be assisting in the data collection to build a database for the affected areas, as well as assisting the RDC/CDC/NDC in supplying the necessary pipe fittings required for the distribution of potable water.

Moreover, GWI will be distributing Life Saver filters and Jerry Cans to the Region so as to ensure adequate mechanisms are in place to treat water and maintain access to quality water for affected residents.

GWI’s efforts complement that of the Mayor and Town Council, the Community Policing Group (CPG), the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and other Regional agencies.

Currently in Lethem, one of GWI’s four operating pump stations is being affected by the flood waters. This is the Old Culvert City Pump Station, where water can be seen in the compound surrounding the well. However, upon physical inspection, the well has not been compromised to date and we are monitoring accordingly. All other pump stations are fully operable.

The flood being experienced in Region 9 is due to the Takutu River overflowing its banks, thus affecting residents in Central Lethem, Tabatinga, Culvert City and the neighboring community – St. Ignatius. According to the Regional Chairman Mr. Bryan Allicock, the Rio Branco (White River) in the neighboring country Brazil, is also overflowing its banks causing other rivers including Takutu to react similarly. The heavy rainfalls in the hinterland are also a main contributing factor to the flooding.

As GWI continues to monitor the situation, we are committed to providing the necessary assistance to ensure relief for affected communities.

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