Police Officer clings to life, following Highway smash-up


Malroy Fitzgerald, 31, of 27 Canvas City, Wismar, Linden, Keston Bollers, 20, of Kara Kara, Linden and Vallon Bowen, 60, of 29 Fair’s Rust all died as a result of that horrific crash on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway.

Police Corporal, Rayon Wilson, 32 years old, who is stationed at the Bartica Police Station has been admitted in a serious condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital, while 29-year-old Junior Huston of 22 Industrial Area, remains under observation at the Linden Hospital Complex where he is also being treated for lacerations to the body.

The News Room was told that motorcar PHH 9398 which was being driven by the police rank was proceeding at a fast rate towards Linden when it slammed into a parked lorry which was stationary on the roadway.

The driver of the lorry, 32-year-old Ray Stephens told investigators, that his motor vehicle developed mechanical issues which he stopped to fix. He said he was under the vehicle when he heard a loud explosion and upon investigating, he saw the dark colour car folded under the rear of the trailer with its five occupants.

The man attempted to free some of the five and was assisted by public spirited persons who were passing at the time. The injured were rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex, and it was there that three were pronounced dead on arrival while the one was admitted, stabilised and then transferred to Georgetown.

When the News Room arrived at the crash site around 22hrs on Friday night, the vehicles were already removed, but the evidence of debris spoke of the seriousness of the crash.

Car parts and personal items were scattered along the roadway as well as smashed glass and other objects. A nearby tree was also uprooted.

In Linden, the car was parked in the Amelia’s Ward police Outpost compound while the trailer was parked outside with a component of the car still slinging to its rear end.

Over at the McKenzie Police Station, persons who were concerned about the injured and the driver of the truck were not permitted into the station compound. They were ordered out of the station and the gates closed.

One woman who had in her possession, the documents for the truck and attempted to provide same to the police, was also chased out of the police station compound. It was when the ranks finally realised that they needed the document, they went looking for the woman, and she had already left the station. They are expected to make contact with her today (Saturday, July 15, 207) for her to return with the documents so that traffic ranks can check to see if all the papers were enforced at the time of the accident.

By Leroy Smith

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