Patterson frustrated with spate of blackouts


Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson is disappointed with the recent spate of blackouts and will dedicate the parliamentary recess to intervene and find solutions.

In an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) Minister Patterson expressed his frustration with the frequent power outages, noting that the explanations are so simple. Therefore, he will be visiting the power stations to ascertain first-hand what interventions can be made to restore normalcy.

According to the Minister the issue remains with the transmission and distribution line. “Over the years our transmission and distribution line has deteriorated. I keep saying this and I don’t want persons to think that we know the problem and should be addressing it. It’s still functional and can transmit electricity very efficiently but we should be able to isolate the disturbances.”

In other instances, it is difficult to identify the troubled area bringing the entire system offline. “Often the team may think they found the problem and put on back the system, only to have to take it off back when they realise they haven’t and this has led to the deterioration of the protection system,” Minister Patterson pointed out.

The issue of the transmission and distribution line is compounded further with other nontechnical matters including receiving clearance from Guyana Revenue Authority and the wharves. The Minister explained that new equipment was procured but is stuck due to clearance issues which should have been addressed quickly and easily.

“I met with the staff of Guyana Power Light Incorporated (GPL); they’ve explained the issues they have, such as manpower and those equipment that have been ordered and not coming in quickly as they should. I’m meeting with the board and (will)ensure that they are equipped as fully as possible to address these issues,” Minister Patterson explained.

The Minister further explained that GPL is currently financially stable therefore; monies should be invested towards enhanced generation so that issues such as tree trimming and burnt generators will not affect distribution.

The Public Infrastructure Minister acknowledged that the issues facing GPL are common in other countries, however he emphasised that efforts will be intensified to correct these. (DPI)

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