Woman robbed at gunpoint in Queenstown


A 36-year-old woman was robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday evening, just a few blocks from her home at Anira Street, Queenstown, Georgetown.

The News Room was told that Charissa Rampersaud was on her way home from her place of work which is located a short distance away on Vlissengen Road when a white Allion motorcar, PSS 8175, drove up alongside her. She told News Room that a tall guy exited the vehicle armed with a handgun and proceeded to grab her bag, while the vehicle waited.

The man then re-entered the car and sped away from the scene.

In the stolen bag, there were two cell phones, a hard drive, bank cards, a wallet with an undisclosed sum of cash and other valuables. The incident occurred at about 07:15 hours on Tuesday.

The police were called shortly after and visited the scene of the incident.

It was only on Monday that a senior manager of a Georgetown business was shot and robbed in the same area. 35-year-old Rohan Ramperaud was on Monday afternoon dragged from his vehicle by bandits who rolled up behind him at a traffic light at Irving Street, Queenstown, on the approach to Lamaha Street.

The armed men demanded money from the manager and shot him in the left thigh shortly after he visited the Republic bank Camp Street branch and withdrew more than nine million dollars for his employer. The money was however not in his possession and the men were only able to make off with several other personal items and personal cash which he had on his person.

The bandits also at that scene, escaped in a white Allion motorcar.

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