British national found dead in Berbice house


Dajee Sarah Rosemary, a 50-year-old British national was found dead at a house in Pope Street New Amsterdam, Berbice on Sunday evening.

Police believe that the woman may have taken her own life. Her friend, Jessica Grumble told Detectives that Rosemary arrived in Guyana in August for vacation and was scheduled to depart on September 17, 2017.

News Room was informed that sometime Saturday, the woman had “hallucinations” and even sought the assistance of the police. Rosemary was last seen alive in the hall of her two-bedroom house before she retired to bed.

The friend woke up at about 18:50 hrs and found Rosemary suspended in the hall, with a phone cable tied around her neck. She raised an alarm and reported the matter to the police, who examined the body. No marks of violence were found.

The body was transported to the New Amsterdam Hospital. (Leroy Smith)

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