All COI recommendations may not be implemented- Ramjattan


By Leroy Smith

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan says that he is not sure whether all the recommendations contained in the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report of the alleged plot to kill the Head of State “must happen or will not happen,” noting that the recommendations should be measured.

The Minister said that he is disappointed that the contents of the report was leaked to the State newspaper, noting that the document was not discussed at the level of Cabinet.

In two consecutive days, the State newspaper has been reporting on the contents of the report and revealed that the COI recommended that the Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud be asked to resign or that a process which is catered for in the constitution be initiated to ensure his removal. It was also suggested that he should have been charged with perjury (lying) to the Commission of Inquiry.

Further, the newspaper also reported that Assistant Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine, who is the force second in Command, and is presently acting as the Commissioner of Police, should also be sanctioned.

Today, the newspaper reported that the COI, which was chaired by Paul Slow, recommended that Crime Chief, Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum be removed from his post, since among things, he has displayed poor leadership qualities.

“I don’t know how that managed to be leaked like that but in any event I rather suspect that it should reach there [the press] but I thought that it should go there only after some discussions and deliberations,” Ramjattan told the press this morning.

He further stated that while he is aware that there are some strong recommendations contained in the report, he would only be willing to make in-depth comments when the discussions conclude.

“I did not want to make any statements publically. I had wanted to discuss that with the relevant authorities namely, the President and the Prime Minster, so I am not going to make a comment on it, I think it requires a deliberation and then we will proceed,” the Public Security Minister said.

He made it clear that a decision will be made about the recommendations following the discussions. The recommendations were put together by the commission which was headed by former Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Slowe who acted as the chairman.

“The report did bring out some things that had ought not to be done and to that extent that I will make my statement as to whether all that was recommended must happen or all will not happen and that can have negative consequences for an institution,” the Minister opined.

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