Freak storm damages several homes in Bath Settlement


The heavy downpour, lightening, thunder and strong winds has left several families contemplating their next move after several roofs were blown off and one home collapsed during a freak storm at Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice on Monday September 18.

During a visit to the area earlier today, those affected were making efforts to rebuild their roofs. The News Room understands that the freak storm began at about 17:30hrs yesterday while all the affected families were at home.

Bohwanie Matalama, 53, told the News Room that she and her family were in the lower flat of their three bedroom two storey home when she heard a loud noise.

Shiela Harichan’s house collapsed during the storm

Upon investigating, she noticed the entire roof of the house was blown away during the heavy winds. It was raining at the time and this resulted in the damage of her electrical appliances in the upper flat of the building.

Several houses away, 23-year-old Brian Lee also suffered the same fate. His entire roof was removed by the heavy winds causing over $500,000 in damages. He told the News Room that he would be grateful for any assistance from the general public to rebuild his home.

Shiela Harichan

But for 58-year-old Shiela Harichan, her entire house collapsed during the freak storm. She recalled that she was in the upper flat of the house when the heavy winds began. As she attempted to escape, the house collapsed while she was inside; luckily she did not sustain any injuries.

News Room was informed that the Regional Democratic Council in Region 5 has since visited the affected residents and promised to assist where necessary.

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