“PNC in Government had a tremendous track record”- General Secretary


The People’s National Congress/Reform says it is proud of its stewardship of Guyana while in office as it celebrates its 60th anniversary, but aims to respond to the changing social, political and economic environment going forward.

The 60th anniversary will be celebrated on October 5thunder the theme, “United and Strong: Sixty Years On”.

At a Press Conference hosted today at Congress Place, Sophia to announce this milestone, General Secretary of the PNC/R, Amna Ally pointed to several achievements made under the PNC rule between 1964 and 1992.

It must be noted that no mention was made of developments under the current Government to which the party is the leader and holds the Presidential position.

She pointed out that the party was successful in the priority objectives of its founder, Forbes Burnham. “The priority policy objectives were made clear by Forbes Burnham and the PNC. They can be described as follows: The security of the country and its people; healing the racial wounds; reconciliation and peace; structured national economic and social development; and working towards political Independence. In these we were successful. The PNC in Government had a tremendous track record,” she said.

The party’s General Secretary who is the former Minister of Social Cohesion stated that the party will remain committed to achieving national unity.

However, in the same statement Ally pointed out that the state of affairs when the People’s Progressive Party demitted office in 1964 should not be forgotten. Ally told media operatives that “Guyana, we must never forget that when the PNC entered office in 1964, Guyana was a broken nation.”

A number of events has been planned at the Central and Regional level of the Party starting with a flag raising ceremony at the Party’s Headquarters at Congress Place.

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