Bids out for expansion of Mazaruni Prison


(Department of Public Information, Georgetown, Guyana) The expansion of the Mazaruni Prison is closer to realisation as the bids are currently being tendered for eligible contractors to undertake the project. The need for the expansion of the prison was as a result of the fire which destroyed the Camp Street jail, just over three months ago and the overcrowding at other penitentiaries across the country.

With that, a site at the Mazaruni prison was identified for the construction of the new wing which is expected to house 400 prisoners. The current estimated bid being tendered is the sum of $2.8B. Interested contractors are invited to bid for the project which will be carried out through the National Competitive Bidding procedures specified in the Procurement Act of 2003. Earlier this year, the sum of $278M was approved by Cabinet for the first phase of the project.

The works include the renovation of the Bachelors’ Quarters, trade shop, the dormitories, B-63 living quarters, spinster quarters and the senior bachelors’ quarters at the prison. The estimated cost for the works is $26.1M.

Other works include repairs to the self-acting sluice located at the front and east of the prison, the wharf, and the culverts located to the north and west of the prison; at an estimated cost of $20M.

Ongoing works at the Mazaruni Prison include the construction of twenty (20) living quarters to accommodate additional prison officers in anticipation of the approximately 400 prisoners to be housed at the Mazaruni Prison. The living quarters contain three bedrooms, a living room, a patio, kitchen and a washroom.

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