GCAA issues guidelines for drone users


Drone operators are being asked not to fly the aerial devices near airports or at nights in low visibility conditions, according to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

GCCA, in a statement, said it has noted an increase in the operation of drones at nights and during holidays and other festivities and is, therefore, encouraging owners and operators of drones to comply with the guidelines.

Drone users are also advised to fly all devices below 150 meters and that it should be operated within sight of the operator. GCAA noted too that all drones should be operated at a safe distance of 50 meters away from persons and property.

The GCAA said all owners and operators must ensure that all flights are conducted according to the specific requirements and standard operating conditions outlined.

The GCAA reiterated its call on owners of drones to have the devices registered with the Authority before putting same into operation.

The Authority warned that failure to comply with the guidelines and the directive will result in prosecution by the relevant authorities.

Further information and clarification on the use and operation of drones can be obtained from the GCAA’s Drones Unit on 227 8111 extension 264.


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