Guyanese entrepreneur launches Gbay mobile App


By Leroy Smith

Gbay Deals, a popular site on Facebook where Guyanese usually buy and trade items, has introduced an app for android and IOS devices.

The app, which was developed with an input from specialists in Miami and India, is up and readily available for those persons who have been using Facebook to sell and trade items.

Speaking with the News Room during a recent interview, Brad Singh, the Guyanese entrepreneur and developer of the site, told the News Room that his aim is to allow individuals to be able to trade items in a more convenient way.

“The reason behind this being established by me is because I was inspired by e-Bay and for a third world country we needed something like this because not everyone could have reached out to everyone to get merchandise, whether it is new or old or they just have something they no longer have use for but want to put a price to it,” Singh told News Room.

According to Singh, there were several teething problems when he attempted to launch the service last year and that forced him to turn to experts in Miami and India to make the app available in Guyana.

He said there will not be any charge for persons who sell or trade items as an individual; however corporate entities and or any profile that is linked to a business, would be charged a fee of $3000 per month to have their items displayed on the site.

As part of the security mechanism of the service, anyone who wishes to use the app for trading or selling items have to register with their National Identification Card or Passport as well as their proof of address. Once that information is provided to the management of the site, and it is reviewed, there will be a notice of “Approved users” at the top of that person’s profile on the app.

The app can be accessed at the following locations:

From App Store:

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