Sister suspects foul play in death of brother, demands exhumation of body


A Corentyne family is demanding that the buried body of their male relative is exhumed and that the police launch an investigation surrounding his death as foul play is suspected.

Forty-six-year-old Reginald Ramswamey of Ankerville, Port Mourant went missing on October 6, 2017; his body was found some weeks ago near the Port Mourant Community High school and police had his remains buried after relatives failed to identify him.

Reginald Ramswamey

However, his 43 – year old sister, Annie Ramwamey claimed that she only learned of his brother’s disappearance on November 9, 2017, when she visited his home. She told reporters that the man’s wife knew he was missing for days but never reported the matter.

After learning of her brother’s disappearance, the sister visited the police station where she was shown a photo of the decomposed body in the school compound. The sister positively identified the body as her brother by the clothes he was wearing. She was also informed that the man was already buried after no-one came to identify his body.

Annie told reporters that the circumstances surrounding her brother’s death are “fishy” especially since his wife did not report the matter to the police. Annie is also suspicious because her sister-in-law has already moved on with another male companion.

The sister is pleading with the authorities to exhume the body and conduct a thorough investigation, including a postmortem examination in order to determine how her brother died.

Annie is complaining that the police is giving her the “royal runaround”.

“Everyday them telling me go and when I go them na deh in. Up to yesterday afternoon the police tell me go for 5pm that he go get the doctor but when I go them ain’t deh in,” she vented.

Ramswamey’s body was discovered in the school’s compound by a security guard attached to the institution.

According to reports, the security guard smelled a foul odor and upon investigating, she noticed the partially decomposed body lying face down on the western side of the compound.

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