City’s garbage contractors to resume services Friday


The two major garbage collectors contracted by the Georgetown municipality- Brothers Disposal Services and Cevons Waste Management – are expected to resume their services on Friday, January 5, 2018.

This is as a result of a meeting between the companies; Town Clerk, Royston King and Finance Chairman of the city’s finance committee, Oscar Clarke.

The contractors pulled their services in 2017 after the city racked up a $300M debt. Central Government then took up the slack to pay the contractors for the month of December, an agreement which came to an end on the 31st.

The companies were not re-engaged by the council since the start of 2018 and this saw the buildup of garbage in several sections of the city. Kaleshwar Puran, Manager at Puran’s told News Room that while the companies agreed to resume their services, they hope that the council maintains timely payments in the weeks ahead.

The Council at a meeting in late 2017 had agreed that it cannot afford to pay the private contractors and will be purchasing two garbage trucks this year. Recently, Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green said monies will be used from its annual subvention from central government to purchase the trucks.

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