Gunmen terrorise, rob elderly couple of firearm, other valuables


An elderly couple was robbed of over $1.6M in cash and valuables along with their licensed firearm by two armed, masked bandits who invaded their home while they were asleep on Saturday, January 06, 2018.

Watson Gray, a Customs Broker, and Veronica Griffith, a Secretary, both 61 – year – old, were asleep at their Hadfield Street, Georgetown home when the man was awoken by a slap on his face by one of the gunmen.

News Room understands that the perpetrator declared: “we come to kill you” before asking: “where is de gun?”

The gunmen then used a knife to pry the wardrobe door opened and stole a .32 pistol and 100 live rounds.

After collecting the weapon, the bandits smacked Gray in his head with the handgun and then relieved the couple of valuable items including, $50,000 cash, a quantity of gold jewelry value$1.1M and one Samsung cell phone.

News Room understands that police investigation revealed that the perpetrators entered the home through the veranda door which was left opened before the couple retired to bed. Investigations are ongoing.

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