‘Pepper Spray’ bandits rob Supervisor of bird, cage


A 51-year-old Supervisor of Pritipaul Singh Investments Incorporated was on Wednesday morning robbed of his bird and cage and his wallet that contained $40,000.

According to information received, Shafeek Azeez was riding a bicycle to work when two perpetrators on a black CG motorcycle bearing registration number, CH 9420 drove pass him on Eccles main road, East Bank Demerara. It was reported that he observed them at a bridge in the vicinity of the M&M snacket as he rode past.

As he reached Providence, EBD, it was noted that the men overtook him and rode into the entrance of Pritipaul Singh Investments. As Azeez turned into the company’s entrance at about 06:45hrs, the men – one armed with a handgun and the other with a pepper spray – confronted him and demanded his valuables.

News Room understands that the pillion rider dismounted the bike, pulled out a gun and relieved him of his bird and cage.

Meanwhile, his accomplice attempted to use the pepper spray on Azeez and pushed his hand into the victim’s left side pocket, where he stole the wallet. The suspects then escaped north along the main road.



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