Sheriff Street-Mandela road project to start soon


The Public Infrastructure Ministry says works on the Sheriff Street-Mandela Avenue Road Enhancement Project will commence this month.

In a short statement, the Ministry said during the period of construction, residents living close to the road, road users, and the wider community may be inconvenienced by traffic delays, dust, as well as general construction activities.

As such, it advises that persons take all necessary precautions but promised to ensure the impacts are minimized.

The project, which costs a total of US$31.03M was awarded to Sinohydro Corporation Ltd. and will include the relocation of utilities, lane and shoulder improvements, placement of sidewalks and paved shoulders, traffic signals, traffic Signs, streetlights, drainage, a pedestrian overhead walkway, culverts, bridges and a Roundabout.

It is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and will run for a period of two years.



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