PPP distances self from US supporter


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is distancing itself from United States resident, Rueben Khusial, who the party says has been soliciting donations and organizing activities on behalf of the PPP.

In a statement, the political party said Mr. Khusial was engaged by the party in early 2017 to seek accountability for the New York Mirror Newspaper of which he was responsible.

The party claims that at an Executive meeting on October 20, 2017, it found out that Mr. Khusial was not submitting financial statements, and that he had effectively converted the activities of the New York Mirror to a “one-man affair”.

According to the PPP statement on Friday, Khusial was given one week to submit all financial statements failing which the operations of the New York Mirror will be suspended.

The PPP said it was agreed by the Executive that an overseas board comprising all the pro-PPP groups in New York will be established to govern the activities of the Mirror.

In its statement, the party said on January 26, 2018, at another meeting of the Executive Committee, the leadership was informed that Khusial incorporated the overseas Mirror in his name thereby converting it into his own property.

As a result, it was unanimously decided to incorporate a new company of which Former PPP Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy would be Chairman.

The People’s Progressive Party accused Khusial of collaborating with another person to discredit specific leaders of its party.

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