Third Boyce/Jefford Relay Festival set for April 22


By Treiston Joseph

The Boyce and Jefford Committee will host the third Relay Festival and Fun Day on April 22 at the Police Sports Club ground, Eve Leary, and the Committee is aiming to provide sporting fans with a massive event.

Technical Director of the Boyce/Jefford Committee, Mark Scott, at a press conference on Wednesday at the Windjammer Hotel, talked about some of the new additions for the 2018 edition of the event.

“We are adding the 4×800 metres relay, which would be new to the event; we will have football, dominoes, cricket and we will continue with the wheel chair race which was started last year,” Scott said.

He added, “We will also have for the first time amputee races and there will also be cycling that will include for the first time a female race because we believe that females are an important part of what we are trying to do with the development of sport.”

Chairman of the Committee, Colin Boyce, noted that the event is to aid in filling a void for the lack of competition for some athletes of various disciplines.

“What we recognised is that we needed to bring a flagship event to Georgetown since the Classic was in Linden, but we also recognised that we needed to include more disciplines to help provide competition for those athletes that might lack regular events.

“We hope that in 2020 (Olympics) we can produce a medallist or at least a finalist and we believe that the Boyce and Jefford Committee can play a pivotal role in ensuring that there is good competition to contribute to having success on the greater stage,” Boyce stressed.

Vice-Chairman of the Committee, Edison Jefford, also confirmed what the monetary prizes will look like come April 22. 

“We will not just be giving away trophies; most of the event will carry monetary prizes, the relays alone might be around $800,000 and we have increased the prize money of each relay event. I can say for a fact that the football, cricket and dominoes will also have prize money attached to it,” Jefford highlighted. 

The event will commence at 10:30h.

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